Irrigation is an important to help steer your garden on the right road to establishment. Whether you are adding to an existing garden or starting from scratch, automated watering will ensure the plants never stress from lack of water. Rain sensors will eliminate any over watering during wet weather, and simple seasonal variations can provide plants with adequate watering for the summer months.

Whether you have rainwater tanks, grey water reservoirs or are simply on mains water, we can provide you with something as simple as a manual tap with a drip feed - all the way up to fully automated systems with remote controls for the larger residences. 

Some lawns and gardens may only require automatic watering for the first two years until they are established - but these systems are still cost effective when you factor in the cost of replacing stressed trees/plants due to lack of water at a later date.

All systems are installed by our licensed staff, meeting all guidelines and requirements set out by Sydney Water.

We can also provide you with a detailed map of irrigation valve boxes, wiring and pipes underground, making future maintenance easier and more efficient.

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